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How Legit Is Buying Spotify Playlists For Your Genuine Account Growth?

The new modus operandi for several music artists today is to make a series of songs and curate them into a mix. This entire mix of songs is then hosted by popular music streaming services(such as Spotify). This trend of creating Spotify playlists has been gaining traction for quite some time now.

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But what explains this sudden upsurge of online streaming platforms for music? What has happened to the age old music industry? Why this sudden takeover by internet based online music platforms? When you get to the bottom of the matter, you realize profits have a big role to play in the entire game.

Streaming industry has been generating astronomical revenues for some time. In fact, profitsgenerated by renowned records labels from online streaming services in 2018 surpassed the total profits generated by former means of music distribution- like record sales. As of now, streaming sites like Spotify upload more than 10,000 tracks regularly. This goes on to showwhat a monumental entity the streaming powerhouse was in 2019!

Older models maltreated artists

In the past, rising musicians could not promote their music easily because of the following issues they faced with distribution and promotions:

No solid platform or service

Renowned labels did not wish to risk their money and time by investing in relatively unknown artists who were just starting out. In fact, such brands helped only renowned artists who had already made a name for themselves. How those talented artists reach their zenith of popularity and following was rarely their concern. Hence, upcoming musicians and bands were left to fend for themselves. All of this changed when artists learned how to promote their music on Spotify. It gave them that much needed platformfor sharing their music with people who might appreciate it.

Constraining Contracts that Diluted Raw Talent

In spite of their talent, it had always been difficult for aspiring artists in the industry to get the recognition they very desperately needed. Before the phenomena of being able to buy Spotify plays started, artists were often at the mercy of big labels. These made them agree to slave-like termsleaving them high and dry once their creative spark died. In such gruesome scenarios, before an artist was able to gain a following, they were literally harassed financially, mentally and emotionally to unimaginable extents. However, they rarely had a choice -either bend to the brand’s terms or have their email requests completely ignored!

The Messiah’s Emergence (Spotify’s rise with other music streaming services)

Spotify’s history is considerably recent albeit revolutionary. The company was started in 2006 and fundamentally catered to audio streaming. It was officially launch on 7th October 2008. Today, it provides access to tracks upwards of 40 million. Subscribers can search for their preferred songs by using varied parameters like the name of the artist, album or genre for narrowing down. Furthermore, listeners can optimize their playlist suggestionsas per their convenience.

Legit spotify playlists

This led artists worldwide to realize the power of daily Spotify plays. What made the buy “Spotify plays” route such a massive success was its global appreciation. Thanks to this phenomenon, artists and their fans have easy access to music which the Big Daddies of the music industry blocked earlier.

Spotify has been programmed to be compatible with any device; such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers running on operating systems like macOS, Linux, Windows and ChromeBook. No wonder then, it has 220 million active users around the world with a 100 million subscribed to its premium version. Currently, Spotify even provides DRM-protection for music and podcasts, catering to a wide variety of media companies and labels.

So now, the big question:  how exactly does buying Spotify plays can help your account grow? Here are the definitive answers:

Building Your Brand With Spotify Playlists

If you are anartist looking for a durable career in music, then it is paramount that you handle your music’s reputation like a proper business. Your social activity with your account creates the brand image you need. Ultimately; all popular music today started off with right branding. Branding is undoubtedly one of the best waysfor promotingyour music on Spotify.

Building your brand with spotify

It provides your listeners a graspable concept of what to expect from your music’s unique content while sampling the authenticity of your style. However, the major issue which actually plagues artists when it comes to Spotify playlists are not about investing their time and money into building an online presence. After all, the subtle things matter; for example: having great music taste, a crisp bio which highlights your strengths, and good quality pictures that enhance your dedicated professionalism.

Indeed, every artist who wishes to buy actual Spotify plays needs maximize all potential ways of social media marketing for increasing their presence online. The more they do this, the better their chances of getting traction, along with opportunities involving different record promoters and labels.

Expand Your Visibility

When you purchase Spotify plays, enhancing brand visibility should be animportant improvement to be kept in mind.

What does it mean to improve brand visibility?

It means building your unique brand and generating a great following. One of the ways of going about it is by being interactive with your followers online across different social media platforms. Taking the first few baby steps is the most difficult. You can start by posting links on all your accounts leading to your Spotify account’s content, as well as the updates on your posting schedules and live performances.

Expand your visibility

The most popular social media platforms where you can start out include Snapchat, Instagram, SoundCloud, Twitter and Facebook.You can also include email promotions into your music marketing strategy.  Nothing you do can be enough for promoting your content far and wide, so get as creative as you can! You may also solicit expert help as per your convenience.

However, constantly updating your social media profile is no mean feat! You must stay committed all throughout. No shitposting!

Besides, what is even the point of brand building, if you are not doing it right? However, you can always rely oncertain social media tools such asTweriodor Facebook Insights for handlingyour posts’constant schedule. 

Spotify Playlisting

Getting included into Spotify playlists is perhaps one of the most egregiously visible outcomes of purchasing spotify plays, but it is not necessarily easy. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a step by step guide for getting started:

  • Firstly, create an Artist account on Spotify.
  • Contact the Spotify Editorial team and submit some of your songs for consideration as a playlist. (Ensure that you submit your absolute best music, they already receive a lot of requests and consider only top notch music)
  • Once you’ve chosen your best works, submit them all to Spotify playlisting companies like Indiemono,Spingreyand Soundplate.
  • Personally message or email playlist curators to track your playlist submission requests.
  • Try to get your Spotify playlists signed by a high profile recording label. Or make sure it gets included in a well performing playlist.
  • Move on to specific genres and constantly keep updating your playlists.
  • Never let your online activity get stymied. Keep a constant engagement with your followers and keep updating them about the progress of your music’s trajectory.
power of social platforms

With all being said and done, we know it is not easy to manage getting Spotify plays, especially if you lack prior experience. So this article will help you understand the basics first. Then you can use it to create a strategy that uniquely works for you.

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